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Loans for New Enterprise Allowance clients

New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) clients can apply here for a Start Up Loan.

If you are an NEA client and looking to apply for a personal loan between £500 and £2,500 this is the website for you to apply for a loan to start your business. The minimum amount you may borrow is £500. Loans are in increments of £500.

if you are an NEA client and looking to apply for a personal loan over £2,500 you will need to apply on the www.glestartup.co.uk website. Please note that the application process, including due diligence, is more rigorous for loans of £3,000 or more and has a higher decline rate. Loans for £3,000 or more will require additional documentation and a more rigorous lending process including an in person interview or video conference call with the loan panel. This can increase the time taken to complete the loan application.

Before applying for a loan, please check:

Are you eligible to receive a loan?

Do you know what information you will need to give to complete your application?

Not an NEA client?

If you do not receive benefits, you can apply to us directly for a Start Up Loan.

Apply now to enter the Start Up Loan Scheme directly with GLE oneLondon at www.glestartup.co.uk .


Application on Hold

If your application has been put on hold you will be required to complete new terms and conditions via a form (this may require your signature and to be returned to us by post). Continue to work with your finance officer who will continue to support you through this process.


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